Lauryn is a New York based Organizational Design Consultant who finds comfort in an orderly and clean environment. Her business came as a natural progression as friends and family were requesting her services. A hardworking and motivated individual she will spearhead a project and see it through to an amazing end result. With previous work experience in a fast paced fashion office, she is braced with the skills to handle any project no matter the size. She comes from a big family who believes in living life to the fullest and makes sure to put this ideology into her work. From Manhattan apartments to family homes, Lauryn finds creative ways to live neatly and beautifully for herself and her clients.

Lauryn believes everyone’s home should be an approachable, bright and happy environment. Through her Organizational Design Method she can transform any living space into the best possible version of itself. Lauryn creates a sense of calm and order in beautiful residential dwellings. Her tactical skills range in size and style to meet specific needs of each client. She is known for her ability to declutter and stage homes which constantly has her exceeding expectations of clients. She excels at creating a luxurious and polished aesthetic, perfectly balanced with welcoming comfort and functionality.

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